A few years ago, cryptocurrencies were not as popular as they are now. Most people probably thought it was some illegal and criminal banking system, so they didn’t trust it. Over the years, many have come to understand the principles behind cryptocurrencies, becoming convinced of their reliability and potential.

A lot of information about crypto coins appeared in many newspapers, online publications and advertisements. Now everyone can find answers to all their questions regarding bitcoin, ether, ripple, dogecoin and other coins.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, many states around the world began to pass laws and regulations to regulate these assets. European countries are also trying to figure out how to establish laws and principles, according to which the cryptocurrency can become safer for investors and less attractive to criminals. At the moment, a number of European countries such as Ukraine, Estonia, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and others have officially recognized cryptocurrencies and continue to introduce digital assets into the lives of their citizens.

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