Previously, local authorities had no influence on the digital financial market in Denmark and crypto coins were not included in the number of legal means of payment. This industry was not regulated by current legislation and was not very popular among the local residents.However, to date, the Danish authorities have decided that cryptocurrency is a progressive industry and the situation needs to be radically changed.

The Danish state decided to amend the tax code in order to avoid possible errors and fraudulent schemes in settlements with residents and other market participants. Taken into account the large number of unqualified investors, all adopted digital money laws should be as clear and transparent as possible.It is important to understand that the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Denmark directly depends on their role of the format in transactions or agreements, and the influence of European and national directives also plays an important role. Analysts say that the change in the bill will not happen overnight and that it takes a certain period of time.The adaptation of the country's Tax Code to the realities of the digital market can be carried out closer to 2023.

But despite this, Denmark is still in a number of countries where favorable conditions have been created for the development of the cryptocurrency sphere. A huge number of cryptocurrency exchanges operate here, services that exchange cryptocurrencies, and trading in virtual money is not prohibited at all. Authorized Danish authorities allow bitcoins and altcoins to be used as payment instruments, goods or assets. You can buy bitcoin without any problems, as well as exchange btc to usd. If you do not know where this can be done as profitably and reliably as possible, then we suggest to use the services of the cryptocurrency exchange service for fiat money. — is a crypto exchanger that operates not only in Denmark, but throughout the European Union.It was developed in 2019.

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