1. Account

  1. 1.1. Is registration required on your site?

    Registration is required. Only a registered and verified user can apply for exchange operations. After registering in a few clicks, you will have access to the ability to make exchange applications and monitor all processes for each of the applications. Also, upon registration, a referral two-level loyalty program is provided for everyone. You will be able to share the referral link and make money on it. This makes it possible to receive cashback in the form of passive income with the ability to withdraw funds in a convenient way.

  2. 1.2. Why do I need to provide email?

    In order for you to be able to activate your account after registration, you must provide a valid email address. On this e-mail you will receive an email to activate your account, which will contain your login information and a unique link, that remains active for 30 days. After clicking on the link, you activate your account and link it to your e-mail box for subsequent work with the resource. The mailbox is not used to send advertisements and is used exclusively for restoring access to the account and notify the user about changes on the resource.

    Also, to create an account and quickly register in one click, you can use the login to the site using Google or Facebook services. If you have a Google or Facebook account, you can log into the site using your account, having previously logged in with the account of the selected service. You will receive the same full-fledged account as with the standard registration procedure.

  3. 1.3. Why do you need my personal data?

    Buycoin.online does not collect or store personal data. The resource uses a specialized identity verification service that checks only one parameter – that you are a real person and that your actions are not criminal in nature. The service also detects the absence of robotic systems, making sure that you are a living person. This eliminates the possibility of unscrupulous users entering the system and the client part of the Buycoin.online service. The verification service does not transfer your data to third parties and does not use it for mailings or the formation of client databases. All data is stored on the side of the service, protected by several security protocols and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

  4. 1.4. Why do you need my personal data?

    Our service maintains an honest attitude to all customers without exception, and therefore we prevent attempts to buy cryptocurrency using someone else’s or stolen payment cards. Verification of cards allows you to make sure that this card really belongs to and is in the possession of the client who is currently making an application for the purchase of cryptocurrency. Verification is carried out once for each of the payment cards used by the client. Card data, which do not give access to funds are used for verification.

  5. 1.5. I did not receive an email with a password (activation) of my account

    If after registering on the service you did not receive an email to activate your account, please follow these steps:

    • Check the “Spam” folder on your e-mail. Messages from new sites often end up in this folder. If the message is there, click the “This is not spam” button and messages from this resource will no longer be sent to this folder. If you use a spam filter, check its settings. Due to the activation link of your account, these filters may not allow such emails to pass through.
    • Make sure that when specifying your mailbox (e-mail) you did not make a typo or mistake.In this case, the letter will not come. A second attempt to register, indicating your e-mail, will indicate that this account already exists. This indicates that most likely you entered your e-mail correctly. In this case, you need to contact the resource administration. If, after checking the correctness of the e-mail again, you registered, and the system notified you that accesses were sent to your mailbox, then the first time you entered an incorrect e-mail, since it is impossible to register twice for one e-mail.
    • Make sure that you check the required mailbox (e-mail). When using multiple mailboxes, sometimes you can automatically specify the wrong e-mail or check another mailbox.
    • If none of these items have solved your problem, please contact our technical support service: info@buycoin.online.
  6. 1.6. Forgot your account password or can’t enter your personal account?

    You can log into your account in the following ways:

    • By entering your username and password in the site login form. If you forgot your password or the entered password does not work, then use the password reset function.To do this, you need to click the “Login” button, then select “Forgot your password”. Enter the e-mail to which the account was registered. After these steps are completed, you will receive an email with a link to reset your old password. After clicking on this link – a page, where you must specify a new password and save it ,will open. If all actions are performed correctly, you will see a notification with a message that the password has been successfully changed. Now you can log in to your account with a new password.
    • Through a Google account. In this case, the password reset function is not provided, since by logging into your Google account, you can easily log into your account at Buycoin.online. You need to restore access to your account directly to the Google account itself, if you can’t log in to it. This can be done on the side of the Google resource.

2. Exchange

  1. 2.1. How long have you been on the cryptocurrency exchange market? Can I trust you?

    The company has been providing financial services on the Ukrainian market since 2011. Since 2019, Buycoin.online is part of the company Buycoin.online, licensed in the european market for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Over the years, the company has achieved a good reputation, regular customers, high quality service. We provide our services in good faith and safely for our clients.

  2. 2.2. What time do you work? Is it possible to carry out exchange operations on weekends and holidays?

    Buycoin.online is an automatic exchanger. Therefore, you can apply for the sale or purchase of cryptocurrencies at any time of the day or night that is convenient for you. Applications are processed around the clock, 24/7. If you have any questions, you can contact the technical support of the service, which works from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00. To contact technical support, write an email to the email address: info@buycoin.online.

  3. 2.3. How long does it take to process an application?

    Electronic currencies are exchanged automatically. The lifetime of the application is 30 minutes. During this time, you need to complete all exchange operations. The time for processing an application takes several minutes. If everything is done correctly, you are guaranteed to receive the result of the exchange to your card/wallet. Very rarely, due to the exchange’s peculiarities, funds can be sent with a slight delay after the application is completed. Do not worry – even if there are any difficulties, you can always contact our specialists for help by sending an email to the technical support service at: info@buycoin.online

  4. 2.4. Transaction/network confirmation for cryptocurrencies, what is it?

    Confirmation of the transaction is necessary to prevent the repeated spending of the same funds. As soon as the sender transfers funds, the transaction enters the blockchain network for execution and inclusion in the block. The process of adding a transaction to the found block is called “transaction confirmation”. One block includes one confirmation. As soon as your transaction is confirmed, cryptocurrency coins are available for further use. The speed of network confirmation depends on many factors, such as: network congestion; the amount of the commission specified during the transfer; internet connection speed; technical serviceability of the resource where your wallet is located, etc. No one can influence the speedup or slowdown of the blockchain network.

  5. 2.5. What is the commission of your cryptocurrency exchanger?

    A different commission percentage is set for each currency pair. Also, the choice of payment system affects the amount of the payment. To find out the percentage of the commission, select the currency and the direction of exchange, click the “Exchange” button, and you can immediately see the percentage of the commission and all the necessary costs for payment.

  6. 2.6. How can I exchange e-currency on your website?

    Register on our resource and go through user verification. Then, apply for an exchange on the main page of the site, through the system calculator, which will calculate everything as accurately as possible, and select the exchange direction. Then click the “Exchange” button. An exchange request will be created and after payment you will be able to receive the equivalent of your funds to the specified wallet or account.

  7. 2.7. At what point is the transaction rate fixed?

    The exchange rate is fixed at the time of receipt of funds on the exchange. Considering the fact that some cryptocurrencies have a very volatile rate, while you are placing an application, the rate may change, and therefore will slightly differ from those values that you saw at the time of application. Fixation occurs only when funds are received on the exchange.

  8. 2.8. What is the reason for frequent changes in the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies on the site?

    On the electronic currency exchange service Buycoin.online, the cryptocurrency exchange rate directly depends on the exchange rate on the international exchange. The rates depend on the characteristics of the cryptocurrency and on the demand for them. Some cryptocurrencies are very volatile, while others are more stable. The price on cryptocurrency exchanges is formed according to a simple rule: the ratio of supply and demand. Also, the rate is influenced by world economic factors, these include: The activity of using cryptocurrencies in real financial transactions; Cryptocurrency issue volumes; Average daily transactions; as well as holders, speculators and cryptocurrency investors.

  9. 2.9. How can I find out the status of an application?

    You can see the status of completed applications in the user’s personal account in the “Applications” tab. For each of the orders, depending on the directions (purchase or sale), the details of the application itself display the status of the order at the stage at which it is currently located.

  10. 2.10. Can I make an exchange without registering an application?

    Exchange in any direction (purchase or sale) is carried out automatically, without the physical participation of a person (manager). To exchange electronic currency, you must create an application, as the exchange is carried out automatically.

  11. 2.11. The application has been deleted, what should I do?

    The application is not deleted, it is deactivated. If something goes wrong with your application, and it is deactivated, then you will receive a refund, taking into account the system’s commission costs, as well as an email message indicating the reason why the application became inactive. 30 minutes are allocated for payment and execution of the application. This time is more than enough to carry out all the necessary actions. But even if any unforeseen situation has arisen and you do not know what should you do – contact the administration of the resource and and they will definitely help you and give you answers to your questions.

  12. 2.12. The application was paid, but the funds were not received. What is the reason?

    Depending on the direction of the exchange (buying or selling), there may be delays. This is due to the peculiarities of the exchange and the blockchain network, as well as the type of the cryptocurrency itself. Some cryptocurrencies require only two network confirmations, and some require several. This takes some time. For example: when buying a cryptocurrency, the application is closed before you actually receive the cryptocurrency to your wallet. The Buycoin.online service sends you a digital asset from the exchange, and at this point the application is closed. We can not track when the blockchain will work and when the funds will go to your wallet. Therefore, after completing the application, you just need to wait a little, and the funds will definitely be credited to your wallet. But even if after a few hours nothing happened-contact the resource administration and your question will be resolved as soon as possible.

  13. 2.13. Why is the amount credited to me different from what I expected?

    Due to the high volatility of the rate of cryptocurrencies on the exchange, the rate at the time of the creation of the application and at the time of its execution on the exchange may differ slightly, this affects the final result, since the order is recalculated at the time of its execution on the exchange. That is why the final course may differ slightly, both in the positive and in the negative direction. This is a minor difference, but it is there. The dynamics of the rate changes every second on the exchange, and this affects the amount of payment.

3. Other

  1. 3.1. I want to become your partner or have suggestions for advertising.

    You can contact the site administration in any way convenient for you – the data for feedback is indicated in the “Contacts” section. After receiving a message about cooperation, the administration of the resource will contact you to discuss this issue and consider your proposals.

  2. 3.2. An employee of your resource contacted me and offered a personal exchange at a favorable rate through him.

    Remember! If someone contacted you on behalf of our service Buycoin.online and offers a more favorable rate than the one indicated on the site – these are scammers! Employees of the Buycoin.online resource do not own customer data and system tools for payment of funds, so they cannot contact you and offer such an exchange. Your data cannot be known to third parties in any way. Therefore, communication with you by outsiders on behalf of the Buycoin.online resource is exclusively malicious intent. Remember, exchange operations with cryptocurrency take place only through the creation of an application on the site. Employees of the service respond to your requests only within the resource.

  3. 3.3. I didn’t find the answer I needed in the FAQ, what should I do?

    You can ask your question, the answer to which you could not find on this page, in two ways:

    • Write an email to info@buycoin.online with a description of your question and/or problem. After some time, the administration of the resource will definitely give you an answer.
    • Use the feedback form on the website on the “Contacts” page. In this case, be sure to specify the email address where the response will be sent. Also on the page “Contacts” instant messengers are available for quick communication. If you have one of them, you can also ask your question.