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1. Exchange Terms

  1. The service provides an exchange in accordance with the terms of the respective payment system functioning as well as with payment services.
  2. A transaction (an exchange) is processed after «Buycoin.online» fund has been credited. Fiat money and digital tokens are paid off on request. Only after a payment has been completed, fiat money and digital tokens are paid off.
  3. A request is considered to be paid after «Buycoin.online» resource account has been funded by a client.
  4. An exchange is considered to be completed after fiat money or digital tokens are transferred to an account provided by a client.
  5. Payback is impossible, since a request has been processed (upon a transaction completion). A request must not be cancelled after a payment has been performed or digital tokens have been transferred. A request cancellation is possible up to the moment of payment or in case: the service does not complete a request during 36 hours; the service denies providing the client service unilaterally.
  6. If a client changes the amount of payment, the request will be recalculated and the transaction will be carried out within the amount which was received by the service from a client. The actually paid amount is recalculated in accordance with the current rate fixed at the moment of transaction processing (on monetary exchange request).
  7. Digital token exchange rate is available on the page of current rates. Digital token exchange rates are regularly updated and are formed based on the current rates of the world’s crypto currency exchanges.
  8. A request payment is performed within the indicated time of request validation (request validation term). In case of a request payment after the validation term is expired, it is recommended to contact the technical support service of «Buycoin.online», in order to finalize a request. The technical support service can be contacted by any convenient means of connection on the page «Contacts».
  9. If the wallet of «Buycoin.online», service is replenished with undeclared money in order to pay a request with digital tokens (crypto currency), the transaction will be frozen until all circumstances are clarified.
  10. The service fee provided by «Buycoin.online» to exchange, to purchase or to sell digital tokens is included into the rate of every single payment service of exchange.

2. Exchange regulations

  1. The use of the ‘Buycoin.online’ platform for illegal transactions is prohibited. By engaging in exchanges, the client agrees that attempting to exchange questionable funds makes them liable under the laws of the state where the violation occurred and in accordance with the licensing agreement of the platform. The verification of the legality of digital assets during exchanges falls within the competence of the ‘Buycoin.online’ platform.
  2. The resource must not be used for either any illegal payments or attempts to perform exchange frauds. The attempt to commit an exchange fraud or any other crime shall cause account blocking without an opportunity to create a secondary account to use the resource. A user bears full responsibility in accordance with the law of the state where an attempt of illegal exchange was committed.
  3. Creating orders for buying, selling, or exchanging funds for the wallets, cards or accounts of third parties is prohibited.

3. Exchange procedure

  1. Exchange service of the given resource is provided only by submitting a request with the selected type and purpose of exchange.
  2. A request can be submitted only by a registered user of «Buycoin.online». A user’s real name, surname and e-mail must be registered. The password to enter the personal account will be sent to a user’s e-mail.
  3. Exchange starts after the user request has been paid. Exchange is considered to be completed after money is transferred to the indicated by a client account.
  4. It is required to verify the documents by using in-built service of an individual verification and user data confirmation. In order to be verified it is necessary to upload the documents of ID confirmation, indicate the real information both in the section “Documents” and the account.
  5. The automatic exchange at crypto currency exchange starts after the request has been paid. It is executed in accordance with the current crypto currency at exact time of exchange. The currency rate is fixed in the request upon the transaction completion. The rate can have slight deviations compared to the rate of request time and it can happen at that exact moment.
  6. The service provides payment of digital tokens or fiat money after having received the payment of created request. In case the claimed amount is not fully paid, a request will be recalculated and transferred within the amount provided by a client.
  7. In case of force majeure or some problems connected with a request processing, a user can contact the technical support service of «Buycoin.online» to get help with exchange problems.
  8. The service is not responsible for the timing of crediting cryptocurrency/fiat funds to the client after the service sends the payment.

4. Guarantees and liabilities at exchange

  1. In case the emitting bank cancels a transaction which has been paid by a client, there will be refund with fee deduction of the payment service which was selected by a client. Service fee will be deducted from the amount of refund by a payment service.
  2. When exchanging crypto currencies, the speed of transaction confirmation depends on what crypto currency was selected and the load on its network. The speed of transaction processing is different for different currencies and can take from some minutes to several hours. «Buycoin.online» cannot affect the speed of transaction processing in crypto currency networks and bears no responsibility for any delays connected with this.
  3. Exchange service «Buycoin.online» is not responsible for insufficient amount of network confirmation in case of crypto currency exchange.
  4. If a client performs payment using an electronic payment service, a request is considered to be paid after receiving funds from a client. The exchange service is not responsible for the pauses of transaction by security service of a payment system selected by a client. If a transaction is delayed for a period longer than a request validation term, it will be deactivated. As soon as it is paid after the validation term is expired it is necessary to contact the technical support service of «Buycoin.online». Request will be recalculated by the current rate at the moment of money transfer.
  5. Service «Buycoin.online» is not responsible for errors made by a client while filling in request. Refund is not possible in such cases. The resource does not bear responsibility for the transfer of funds to incorrectly specified accounts.
  6. The resource is not responsible for transaction delays related to operation or inaction of both emitting bank and payment service selected by a client.
  7. The involvement of third parties (the details, documents, wallets, cards, accounts) in exchange operation is the responsibility of a client. The service does not bear the responsibility for the transactions performed for a client by third parties.
  8. Service «Buycoin.online» has the right to stop transaction on request of competent authorities, partners or by a user complaint about fraudulent activities. The exchange will be stopped for the period of time required to clarify the circumstances.
  9. Service «Buycoin.online» is an absolutely legal service for purchasing and selling digital tokens, therefore, is obliged to assist as much as possible in resolving exchange related problems. Since such problems can occur, «Buycoin.online» shall quickly and efficiently respond to establish a format of interacting with a client.
  10. By conducting exchanges on the “Buycoin.online” platform, the client confirms that the funds used for the exchange have been acquired through legal means, and the terms and procedures of the exchange are fully and clearly outlined. By clicking the “confirm” button, you acknowledge your agreement with the terms of service. Signifying unconditional acceptance of all the conditions outlined in this regulation.
  11. The administration of the resource has the right to introduce amendments to the given agreement at any time. The amendments come into force since the latest version of exchange regulation appears on.