💰 10 USDT for a substantiated review.

Participation Conditions:

  1. Complete a successful exchange on the website.
  2. Leave an objective review of the service on one of the exchange listing resources: or The review should include your service quality assessment and be at least 150 characters long.
  3. It is important to confirm the review by clicking the link in the reply email; otherwise, the review will not be published.

  4. Participants of the program must be subscribed to the official Telegram account.
  5. Initiate a Bounty request (via the feedback page on the website), providing:
  • the application number;
  • the email address associated with your account;
  • your USDT TRC-20 wallet details;
  • your Telegram username.

⛔ Prohibited: multiple accounts, fake accounts, reverse exchanges. Attempting to create fake accounts may result in losing the opportunity to receive rewards. The email used for the exchange and the email used for the review must be the same. It is not allowed to use different email addresses for correspondence and account registration.

📌 Multiple reviews from one account are permitted if they are written at intervals of no less than three months. The reward currency is USDT. The coins will be credited to your personal wallet after the administration verifies that all program conditions have been met.

🔑 Accounts with three or more completed transactions on the service can participate in the bonus program. The number of campaign participants is not limited. Profane or offensive language will disqualify participants from the program.

📌 The service administration reserves the right to refuse a participant if signs of fraud are detected. 

Participation conditions may be changed without prior notice, so we recommend checking this page before participating.