Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that appeared in 2009. An anonymous user or a group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto introduced new digital assets to the world. Many people who first encountered cryptomonets treated them with some apprehension and obvious distrust, but ten years later the situation has changed dramatically. A lot of time has passed since the creation of the most famous cryptocurrency, but one thing has remained unchanged — it is the daily increase in its price. If back in 2010 it was possible to buy only two pizzas for 10,000 ВТС then in 2022 the price of one BTC will exceeds $40,000.To date, the price of Bitcoin continues to grow relentlessly, and people are increasingly monitoring the bitcoin exchange rate. The main reason for the growth of the bitcoin exchange rate is the high demand for this cryptocurrency.

What influences the bitcoin exchange rate?

The main reason for the rise in the bitcoin exchange rate is the significant active demand for this cryptocurrency. In the crypto market, there are so-called major players who hold a certain amount of this currency, which can either boost or collapse the market, depending on whether they buy or sell the currency. This is the demand and supply of the market. There are other factors, in addition to demand and hype, that shape the BTC exchange rate, for example:

  • Limited emission of bitcoin, which is only 21 million coins. That is why BTC is equated with the most expensive metal on earth — gold, they have one and the same distinguishing feature – their reserves are limited.
  • Decentralization. The bitcoin cryptocurrency shows a very large rapid growth, which in turn provokes distrust of fiat money, the value of which is determined directly by the conditions on the world economy market. Bitcoin, in turn, is not controlled by anyone, which makes it so attractive to users, especially as an asset for savings.
  • The complexity of mining. Actually, mining makes cryptocurrencies decentralized. Every four years, the issue of coins is reduced by half.Many miners simply refuse to mine due to low profitability. And this is bad because over time it will lead to the fact that all the capacities will be concentrated in the hands of several large data centers. This can directly affect the fact that bitcoin will become centralized.

How to find out the bitcoin rate online using

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