The first mention of the word «cryptocurrency» happened in 2009, after a new payment system called «Bitcoin» appeared in the world.The exact creator of bitcoin cannot be named, but it is rumored that it was a group of developers who worked under the pseudonym «Satoshi Nakamoto». Later, in 2011, there was a second mention of cryptocurrency in Forbes magazine. This concept was deciphered as an electronic, digital currency that is mined on special services on the Internet and stored on virtual wallets. At first, people did not trust cryptocurrencies, they practically could not be used or paid, but over time, everything changed cardinally. Many interested users began to look for benefits from such money and find out the bitcoin rate, how to mine it and where they can pay off. After such a sharp rise and popularity of the first crypto coin, over time, many other competitive cryptocurrencies began to appear, for example: ethereum, ripple, litecoin, tether and tron.

If you are one of those users who want to buy cryptocurrency, sell bitcoin and are looking for a reliable bitcoin exchanger for this, then we have a good offer for you!

Especially for our clients from the Netherlands, was created project! This exchange service has been operating in Europe since 2019 and has already managed to establish itself in the best possible way among a large number of users. The main focus of the project is the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency.

You should use this particular exchanger, because it has a number of advantages that distinguish it from other services.

Advantages of the exchange service

  • The exchanger works in automatic mode without breaks and weekends 24/7/365. This will allow you to make an immediate purchase / sale of cryptocurrencies or exchange for fiat money in the shortest possible period of time.
  • Multilevel verification and protection of user data and cryptocurrency wallet excludes interaction with illegal digital tokens and fraudulent schemes. The service system offers the user a full set of necessary functions for safe and secure transactions.
  • The site has many different popular exchange directions, for example: btc usd, bitcoin euro, zcash visa, trx eur and others. You can get acquainted with the variability of exchange directions by clicking on the link, as well as track the most up-to-date bitcoin exchange rate.
  • The two-level referral program allows registered users to receive additional benefits from the transactions carried out, as well as from invited referrals. And even this is not the whole list of advantages of this exchanger.

If you decide to buy or exchange cryptocurrency, but do not know how to do it on, then we have a step-by-step instruction on how to buy cryptocurrency especially for you.

How to buy bitcoin with Step-by-step instruction:

  • First you need to register on the website.
  • The next step is to choose a suitable pair for the exchange, for example btc to usd.
  • Then you have to decide on the amount of your transaction.
  • After choosing a pair and determining the amount, you must pass the mandatory verification of documents for the successful completion of the exchange. Please note that if you plan to buy bitcoin with a bank card, you will also need to go through the bank card verification procedure, which occurs 1 time for 1 bank card.
  • Create an application and get the crypt to your wallet!

In order to make sure that the service is profitable and safe, you need to make an exchange operation yourself, as well as read the positive reviews of our regular customers in the «Reviews» section.  In the same section you can see that our service is placed on many reputable listings and monitoring exchangers, which confirms the reliability of the service and a good reputation.

We will be glad to see you among our satisfied customers! Join the best in their field!

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