Cryptocurrency has long gained its position among such financial instruments as currencies, stocks, futures and options. However, trading cryptocurrency assets is much more difficult and risky due to their very high volatility.

Without a doubt, more and more people would like to become crypto millionaires and the Portuguese are no exception.

Portugal is currently one of the most welcoming countries in Europe in 2022 in relation to cryptocurrencies. The fact is that recently the Portuguese government has been rapidly pursuing a course to attract an active and wealthy population to the country. Yes, Portugal has convincingly taken a course to attract foreigners to the country and cryptocurrency has become one of the trumps. The website of the Central Bank of Portugal clearly states that transactions related to the issuance and trading of cryptocurrencies are not illegal and are not prohibited on the territory of the country.

Therefore, now most companies in Portugal include cryptocurrency to be able to pay for goods or services. More and more people from different parts of the world come to Portugal in no other way than to live here, spend and make transactions with cryptocurrencies without paying taxes. At the same time, it is important for everyone to remember one thing — if you are planning to purchase cryptocurrencies, security is of great importance. One of the key secure services for buying or selling cryptocurrencies that is trusted in Portugal is, which has been operating on the financial market for more than 10 years.

What benefits will you get if you use this resource?

  1. Exchange in automatic mode — round-the-clock access to the exchange and access to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, altcoins, dogecoin, tron, monero, ripple, litecoin and many others.
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  3. We offer a quick exchange of bitcoin euro or bitcoin usd, as well as bitcoin ethereum, bitcoin litecoin and other cryptocurrencies to Visa / Mastercard, PrivatBank (Privat24), Monobank and others.
  4. acts as your guarantor of security and anonymity. Personal data and data about your transactions will not be available to third parties, and they are used solely to contact you.
  5. The service support service will gladly and quickly come to your aid at any time if you have any problems when exchanging crypto.
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  7. Large reserves of the crypto exchanger will allow you to buy the amount of crypto that you need. If there is a shortage, inform the administration of the resource.
  8. Guaranteed receipt of funds if the purchase / sale of the crypto was carried out in accordance with all the rules of the exchanger.
  9. The legality of the service is confirmed by a license issued in the EU. Work within the framework of the 5th AML directive of the European Union speaks about the reliability of all crypto transactions while using

We have not listed all the advantages of the exchanger, so you should personally make your first purchase or sale of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin or other crypto and make sure of the above mentioned advantages of the service. The functionality of the crypto exchanger is so easy to use that you, as a beginner, can easily exchange, sell or buy crypto.

Crypto is a service that allows customers to perform financial transactions to exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. Try it yourself to actually see all the benefits, as well as not only exchange crypto, but also receive passive income by participating in the referral program of the service.

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