Previously, in Hungary, the cryptocurrency did not have the status of securities and did not have a special state body or a regulated market environment to control taxes, however, the state had some influence on this sector. All profit that could be obtained from exchange transactions was considered as other income that must be declared. During the reporting period, the owner of digital assets had to fix on a regular basis the amount and name of the cryptocurrency that participated in exchange transactions. When making a profit declaration, it was necessary to specify in what year the cryptocurrency was converted into fiat money or transferred to the next account. Cryptocurrency assets such as ethereum, ripple, dashcoin or litecoin were subject to a 15% income tax and a 15.5% social charge tax.In total, income tax was 30.5%. But as the cryptocurrency industry develops, more and more countries begin to change outdated policies and introduce new financial regulation for bitcoin and other altcoins. 

In this regard, the Hungarian government plans to reduce the tax percentage rate by almost half for all owners of digital assets in 2022. This is encouraging not only for cryptocurrency holders, but also for potential investors. Such trends are seen as a sign that the influence and importance of cryptocurrencies in the world continues to grow. To date, Hungary is already called the «Wyoming of Europe», comparing it with the US state, which is very friendly towards cryptocurrencies.

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