Virtual money is being introduced into the digital space of many countries at a steady pace, and Romania is no exception. The attitude towards such coins in this country is quite loyal. As for crypto exchanges and crypto wallets, then permission is given for their existence if the authorities are aware of the official design of these platforms. Many people are not satisfied with this policy, since as a result of registration with the government, all exchange operations with the participation of cryptocoins will be absolutely in the public domain. If you want to change bitcoin to euro, for example, then you must understand that the details and data of your transaction will be available to government authorities. Many users do not like such innovations.Many users do not like such innovations. They believe that as a result of such free access to information, the number of hackers who want to steal bitcoin may increase. But despite this, the country's authorities assure that the crypto sector is under the reliable control of specialized authorized bodies, as well as thanks to the GEO policy and the «Emergency Resolution».

As for cryptocurrencies in general, it has long been rumored that the local gypsy baron Daniel Choabe plans to issue a virtual gypsy currency Gypsycoin. The emblem of such a coin will be a wheel with the national flag of the Gypsies, as a protest against discrimination of this people. Daniel Choabe assures that new digital money can sponsor educational and charitable projects.

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A website for buying/selling electronic coins was developed especially for our clients from Romania in 2019. is a crypto exchanger that is licensed to transfer digital money to fiat money. It works throughout the entire European Union, as well as on the European market.

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  • The key activity of the service is the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies according to the license of the 5th AML Directive of the European Union.
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  • For regular customers, there is a two-level referral program that allows you to receive additional funds from your own transactions, as well as from referrals invited by the link, who will have to undergo mandatory registration and make at least one exchange operation.
  • The variability of the crypto-coin series allows you to choose the most popular currency: bitcoin cash, ripple, ethereum, litecoin, monero, tether, doge, dash, tron and many others.
  • There are many different exchange directions on the site, for example: bitcoin euro, btc usd, trx eur, zcash visa and others. You can always familiarize yourself with their variety by going to the page, as well as see the most current news in the world of crypto.
  • We value each of our users, so we have developed a multi-level verification and protection of client data and transactions, which completely eliminates interaction with fraudulent schemes.
  • Over the period of our existence, we have gained an impeccable reputation among a large number of satisfied users. To read their reviews yourself, you can go to the «Reviews» page. The name of our service is also mentioned on external platforms – thematic forums, authoritative monitoring of cryptocurrency exchangers, as well as review sites.
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