is a fraudulent scheme or deception used to defraud gullible people of money. In cryptocurrency, scams can be associated with fake projects that promise quick and easy profits, but actually deceive investors.


— these are investors who tend to follow the crowd and make decisions based on popularity or majority opinion. They can follow trends and often act based on emotions.


is a negative term used to refer to a low-quality or low-value cryptocurrency that has no real value or promise. It can be a cryptocurrency with a limited or speculative purpose and is often created without proper verification and support.


— these are automated contracts on the blockchain that execute automatically when certain conditions are met. They are software codes that run and manage the execution of a transaction or contract without the need for intermediaries or third parties.


is a special type of cryptocurrency that seeks to maintain a stable price relative to a specific asset or currency, such as the US dollar or euro. It is called stable because its value tries to stay at the same level and avoid large fluctuations, as happens with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.


is a term used in trading to describe the movement of price on a chart from one extreme value to another and back again. Traders and investors look for support and resistance levels to determine possible entry and exit points during such price fluctuations.

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