— these are traders who try to make big money quickly with risky trades. They often play for luck and can be exposed to large losses as a result of aggressive actions.

POC (Point of Control)

— this is the price level on the chart where the largest number of trades occurred in a certain period of time. The POC is considered the highest volume level and can be an important support or resistance level.

PRZ (Potential Reversal Zone)

— this is a zone on the chart that shows where a potential change in price direction is expected. The PRZ is usually formed based on various technical indicators and patterns, and can be an interesting point for traders who are looking for possible market turning points.


is a rapid and significant increase in the price of a cryptocurrency or asset, usually due to a massive infusion of capital from investors. Pumps are often associated with market manipulation, as after a rapid rise in price a large drop can occur.

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