is a feature in which there is no single central control or authority over the system. Instead, control and decision making are distributed among many network participants, called nodes. Each node has a copy of the data and participates in validating transactions and maintaining the reliability of the network. Thanks to decentralization, cryptocurrency becomes more resistant to attacks and interference, and also ensures transparency and openness for all users.


— this is a situation where the total number of available cryptocurrencies is limited or decreases over time. As a result, the cryptocurrency becomes more valuable because its supply is reduced or limited, which can cause the value to rise.

Developer (dev)

is a specialist who develops software and technical work for a cryptocurrency or blockchain project. He creates and maintains the code that powers the cryptocurrency network and its functionality.


in cryptocurrency, is a term used to refer to a large candle on a price chart that has a long upper or lower shadow. It is usually associated with sharp price changes and can indicate market instability.

Double spending

— this is an opportunity to spend the same cryptocurrencies twice. This is a problem in digital payment systems, but blockchain technology in cryptocurrency solves this problem by ensuring that every transaction is verified and confirmed, eliminating the possibility of double spending.


is a situation where the price of a cryptocurrency decreases sharply and significantly in a short period of time. This may occur due to a large number of cryptocurrency sales by traders who want to avoid losses or make a profit by selling assets at the current low price. Dumps can be caused by various factors, such as negative news, market events or the general mood of traders.

DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

is an acronym that stands for “do your own research.” This is a call to be proactive and responsible in gathering information and analysis before making financial decisions, especially those related to investments in cryptocurrencies or other assets.

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